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Top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires for just 5 dollars or less!

Buenos Aires is known as the ‘Paris of the south' due to neighbourhoods such as Recoleta with its beautiful French inspired architecture. However, don’t panic! Buenos Aires does not need to be as expensive as Paris. We have put together a list of 5 things to do in Buenos Aires which cost just 5 USD* or less per person. This is a helpful little guide for anyone that is backpacking, travelling on a budget or just wants their pesos to go a little further.

Galería Solar de French - A beautiful gallery in San Telmo

1. Classic Pizzeria and Avenida Corrientes at Night

Just a few minutes walk from Avenida 9 de Julio and the famous obelisk is Avenida Corrientes. Here you will find the bustling theatre district of Buenos Aires. Lining the avenue is a fascinating mix of theatres, book shops and pizzerias. Although opening throughout the day, the street really comes to life at night. Locals will come to the theatre then go for a few slices of pizza before finishing the night browsing some books at one of the many independent bookshops along the strip.

The Oblisk at night

Most of the Pizzerias have both a seating area and also a bar where you can stand and order a slice of pizza and a glass of wine or beer.

Which pizzeria to choose?

Las Cuartetas first opened in the 1930s and it looks like it hasn’t been touched since. Personally I love to order 2 portions of Mezcla - a pizza with tomato sauce, rich mozzarella cheese and finished with a single anchovy on top accompanied with a tumbler of cold red wine. 👌

Napolitana pizza with a slice of Fainá

Money Spent - $3.80USD


Buenos Aires pizza is thick with lots of toppings and can get very messy, very quickly, for this reason you will always see Porteños eating pizza with a knife and fork.

Las Cuartetas

Opening hours - 11am -12am, 7 days a week

Address - Av Corrientes 838

2. Cocktail at sunset at Trade Skybar

Located just a stone's throw from the Casa Rosada on the 21st floor of an office building is Trade Sky Bar. The bar boasts some of the best views over the city. Just in front of the bar is the CCK (Centro Cultural Kirchner) a beautiful cultural centre based in the old central post office. To the right you can see Puerto Madero and on a clear day you have an amazing view of the Rio de la Plata and even the coast of Uruguay.

The roof top bar is open from 6pm. If you can make it there before sunset the views and colours are incredible.

Money Spent - $5USD

Trade Skybar

Opening hours - 7 days a week, from 6pm onwards

Address - Av.Corrientes 222

Instagram - @Trade.Skybar

3. Visit Bellas Artes - Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Art

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes was first opened in 1896 during what is considered the Belle Epoque of Argentina. The museum has moved a few times over the years, but has been in its current location just a stone's throw from the famous Recoleta Cemetary on Avenida Libertador since 1933.

A gaucho relaxing and drinking mate

The museum is divided across two floors and shows both Argentine works and international artists such as Rembrandt and Manet. You can see works by Argentine artists such as Candido Lopez and Prilidiano Pueyrredón who give a fascinating insight into life in 19th century Argentina. Entrance is free of charge.

Money Spent - $0USD

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Opening hours -

Mondays - Closed

Tuesdays to Sundays 11am to 8pm

Address -

Av. Del Libertador 1473

Website -

Instagram -


4. See some exotic animals in Ecoparque

Eco Parque is a large outdoor space in the centre of the city right in front of Plaza Italia in Palermo. The local government took over the space in 2016 which was formerly the 140 years old Buenos Aires Zoo. Since then they have totally transformed the space into a much more animal friendly Eco Park.

Victorian era aviary in Ecoparque

As you enter the park there are ducks, peacocks and Mara (Patagonian hares) walking around freely. As you go further into the park you come across beautiful Victorian era Pavilions, 100s of varieties of native plants, Carpinchos, Guanacos and even some giraffes and camels.

Guanaco - Andean Animal closely related to the llama

Money Spent - $0USD


Entrance is free of charge

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 6pm

Address -

Avenida Sarmiento 2601 (Plaza Italia)

Instagram - @Ecoparqueba

5. Sunday Market in San Telmo, Choripan and Tango

San Telmo has some of the oldest building in the city

Every Sunday the neighbourhood of San Telmo hosts a huge artisan market. It starts just off Plaza de Mayo where you find

the Casa Rosada and it continues straight down the street Defensa for at least 10 blocks if not more! There are stools offering all sorts of products, from handmade leather goods to antiques and paintings. It is also a great place to sample a couple of Argentine Icons - Tango and the Choripan! As you work your way down the market you will inevitably come across a vendor with a BBQ selling Choripan. This is the classic Argentine sausage, generally a mix of beef and pork meat, Grilled, sliced down the middle and served in a bread roll with the choice of Chimichurri or Salsa Criolla.

Inside the San Telmo Market

Once you have walked about 10 blocks you will reach moving away from Plaza de Mayo. you will reach the Mercado San Telmo (San Telmo Market) on your right hand side. Unlike the the Sunday market, this is an indoor market and is open everyday of the week. It was first open back in 1897 selling produce for ever increasing number of immigrants moving to Argentina from Europe. Today its is divided roughly into 3 parts - Fruit, Vegetable and butcher's stalls, Antiques and food and drink.

Just passing the Mercado on the next block is Plaza Dorrego, a quaint little plaza which has antique stalls in the centre and bars around the outside. Most Sunday’s you will find couples dancing tango. Don’t forget to tip the dancers if you stay to watch them!

Money Spent - $2USD

San Telmo Sunday Market

Opening Hours

Sundays 10am to 6pm

Address -

The market starts on the street Defensa, just off the main square of Plaza de Mayo and continues on Defensa for about 15 blocks


We are using the *Blue* exchange rate, which at the time of writing is $207 pesos to the US dollar.


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