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Taste Buenos Aires: Your Essential Guide to Empanadas

Aby’s homemade empanadas are often the highlight of our wine tasting. People love them! That’s why we launched our Empanada Cooking Class, so no matter where you call home, you can always eat some juicy Argentinean Empanadas!

Ordering empanadas can be a difficult task, especially if you know little or no Spanish. So to make sure you don’t miss out on enjoying those heavenly pockets of joy we have made a little guide for you. We have selected 5 empanadas that you have to try while in Buenos Aires. Keep in mind that there are a lot more flavors to enjoy, in fact there is a famous empanada shop in the neighborhood of Saavedra which has 42 different flavors!

Although you can find empanadas at most traditional Argentine restaurants, the best ones are typically sold at empanada shops. You can order to take away and they are often sold by the dozen in a pizza box! We love going to San Telmo Market, ordering a couple of empanadas and wandering around the market. What better way to experience traditional Argentinian cuisine! 

Where to eat empanadas in Buenos Aires
Empanadas at El Fortin

Here are our top 5 empanadas

  1. Carne

You normally have a couple of options here  - Carne Picante or Carne Suave (spicy beef or regular beef) 9/10 the spicy beef isn’t particularly spicy, but you may get lucky!

2. Queso y Cebolla

Cheese and Onion, gooey cheese and sweet onions, what's not to love?! If you enjoy this combo then look out for “Fugazzeta” pizza at the local pizzerias. This is a Buenos Aires original!  (remember that cebolla is pronounced Ce-bo-shaa in Buenos Aires)


3. Humita

Your first question probably is  - What is Humita? For those of you that have been to our wine tasting will know that it's a traditional stew made from corn, pumpkin and cheese. You can read more in our blog post here.  The empanada version tends to be heavier on the cheese.  (Vegetarian)

4. Jamón y Queso

Ham and cheese, Absolute classic that needs no introduction! If you can find a fried version you will be in heaven!

5. Tomate, Mozzarella y Albahaca

Tomato, mozzarella and basil, Sometimes called Caprese. It’s basically a mini calzone and well worth trying. In Argentina mozzarella is also spelled - Muzzarella. Also, a Margarita pizza is called a Muzzarella in Argentina. In some pizza shops it may just be written as Muzza. 

Frito o al horno? / Fried or baked?

Depending where you go the empanadas may be fried or baked. They may ask which you prefer. 

It can get Messi

Tips from a local..

You will see everyone eat their empanadas like this! Wrapped in a napkin to keep your fingers clean!

If you're looking for the best empanadas in Buenos Aires here are a few places to try and their neighborhood-

Empanada 42 - Saavedra

El Hornero de San Telmo - San Telmo Market

El Fortîn - Nuñez

La Carlota - Recoleta

Wine Discovery - Palermo (at our wine tastings!) 

If you want to learn how to make traditional empanadas then sign up to our Empanada Cooking Class and Yerba Mate Workshop.

Aby will teach everything you need to know to make a scrumptious Empanada! 

Empanada cooking class in Buenos Aires
Empanada cooking class with Aby

Empanada cooking class
Made from scratch

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