Wine Tasting Buenos Aires


Small production wines, homemade local dishes - shared around a table


“Bertie and Aby will show you the spirit and diversity of Argentina with small production wines and delicious regional food pairings”

THE tasting

We source each of our wines from small producers from across Argentina. We start in the arid north then move down to the cool plains of Patagonia. From there we move north to the famous vineyards of Mendoza. All of the wineries we work with are family run and pride themselves on making unique wines, packed full of character!

The tastings are held in the vibrant neighbourhood of Palermo. We taste four wines, each by a different producer and from a unique region of Argentina. To make everything even more mouth-watering, each wine of paired to a homemade regional tapas, prepared freshly by Aby. 

During the tasting , we also present and taste one of Argentina's best kept secrets - an extra virgin olive oil. 


Meet Bertie & Aby 

We are Bertie and Aby - an English sommelier and an Argentine chef. In 2016 we started Wine Discovery. Our tastings are focused around wine, food and good company, all shared around a big table - the Argentine way! 


Aby has been cooking traditional Argentine food every since she was a child, helping at (big) family gatherings and Bertie has worked as a sommelier since 2008. Together we want to share our knowledge and passion for Argentina’s wine, cuisine and culture!


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