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🎄Christmas Wine offer - Direct to your door!🎄


Choose from 6 or 12 wines

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Hey there,


We've got some exciting news!


We can now ship to the USA. We've been working for months to make this happen and we're so excited to finally be able to offer our wines to you guys. We know how much you love our wines, and we would love for you to be able to enjoy them over the holiday season!


To make things even better, we have a very special offer of 6 or 12 wines, shipped directly to you in time for the holidays! This offer is only available until midnight of the 7th of December. So if you're interested, get in touch with us today so we can send your package out ASAP!


Bertie's 6 Christmas Wines


1 x Gula Malbec - Wines of Sin, Mendoza 2021

1 x Magna Malbec - Finca La Anita, Mendoza 2019 (Gran Reserva)

1 x Ultimo Hombre Malbec, Mendoza 2020 (Gran Reserva)

1 x Kantaka Montepulciano, San Juan 2022

1 x Beatus Vir (Malbec + Cab Sav) Mendoza 2019 (Gran Reserva)

1 x Amansado Cabernet Franc, Mendoza 2020 (Reserva)

Price including shipping  - $205 USD


Bertie's 12 Christmas Wines

2 of each of the wines listed above

Price including shipping - $378 USD (Save $32!)


To confirm you offer please contact us via the email or whatsapp number listed below with the following details -


  • Full Name and Address

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Which box you prefer  - 6 or 12 wines (it can be more if you wish!)


We will then send you a payment link which will have to be paid before midnight of the 7th December.


Many Thanks!


Bertie & Aby


WhatsApp  +54 911 65573446



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