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The Summer

Available until 11th July
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Elephant Gun - Rosé de Merlot - 2023

San Juan

We first tried this rosé when it was released in January, during the peak of our summer and we went totally crazy for it! Unlike a lot of Argentine rosés which tend to have a touch of sweetness on the finish, this is bone dry and crisper than a new white table cloth. The Merlot grapes come from a parcel of 30 year old vines.The owners used to add it to a red blend because the production was so small. But for the 2023 vintage they harvested it early, put the grapes through an old basket press and squeezed out this beautiful rosé!

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Best for a picnic

Mevi Limited Edition Gran Reserva Blend - 2021

40% Malbec | 40% Cabernet Sauvignon | 20% Syrah

Turn up to a summer BBQ with this in your hand and you will be welcomed back every weekend! Made exclusively to celebrate the winery’s 10th anniversary it's a blend of the 3 grapes the winery is best known for - Malbec, Cab and Syrah. Aged for 18 months in french oak barrels, this is a mouth watering combination of ripe fruit and toasty oak.

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Bodega Isasmendi - Jean Paul Bonnal - 2019


Something truly special - Jean Paul Bonnal is blend of Malbec and Merlot grown at extreme altitude (8200 ft) and aged 12 months in 1st and 2nd use French Oak. Notes of ripe black fruits, herbs, leather and sweet spice. With an aging potential of 15 years, you can open it this summer, or not. You choose. Learn more during our online workshop with the owner!

Finca La Coti - Sauvignon Blanc - 2023


La Coti Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect summer-food wine. Dry, citrusy and very aromatic. It pairs wonderfully with a goat's cheese salad or a Peruvian ceviche. It comes from a tiny vineyard in the Uco Valley, Mendoza. Harvested in the very early morning before the strong Andean sun gets too hot. It is then fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks with every care taken to keep the wine bright and fresh. 

Dharma Wines - Kamala Criolla - 2023


For those of you that ordered our Malbec Month Selection - would have tried the winery’s top of the line Malbec - Nirvana. This is on the totally other end of the body spectrum. Criolla is a very light red wine, similar to a young Pinot Noir. This one is from an 80 year old vineyard in Mendoza. This is great with dishes like grilled shrimp or just on a hot day when you don’t feel in the mood for a white wine. Fun Fact - Criolla is one of the first grapes that the Spanish brought to South America in the 1550s

Recompensa - Cabernet Franc - 2019


If you haven’t tried a Cabernet Franc from Argentina yet, then this is the best introduction you can have! Medium-full bodied and packed with notes of paprika and roasted bell peppers. It is aged for 12 months in American oak. 5 years old and really to drink!

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