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Buenos Aires


Our Friends at StayUnico.com offer a truly local vacation experience with a portfolio of some of the most beautiful and unique apartments in Buenos Aires.


But it’s not just about where you sleep, they are on hand to help you with every part of your stay, from welcoming you the day you arrive to recommending top places where locals eat, drink, shop and party.

If you are looking for experiencing Buenos Aires like a local, StayUnico.com is the way to go.

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La Amistad Polo

Taking a Polo Class is one of the most exciting activities you can do while in Buenos Aires. Escape the city and experience Complete Day (Polo class, lunch, more classes and  afternoon tea!) or Half Day - (Polo classes, afternoon tea and a polo game)


For beginners and experts alike, professional instructor Juan Quintana offers friendly and practical guidance in perfect English (or Spanish if you prefer!)

Based just 50km (30miles) from the city of Buenos Aires in Pilar, Argentina’s Polo Mecca. Easy to reach by car or public transport, a day at La Amistad is a must for anyone looking for a unique activity while in BA!

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El Nido Treehouses

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UGGreat Britain

The Leamington Wine Company

Winner of The Independent Drinks Retailer of the Year 2017, The Leamington Wine Company is one of the UK’s best wine and spirit retailers. Founded by Anita Mannion - Entrepreneur, wine buff and Captain of Leamington Wine, she is known for running a tight ship! Her two ship hands  - Rob Patchett and Nikki Jarret are both highly qualified sommeliers and always there to help. They have a portfolio of both large and artisanal wine producers and a Gin selection to die for!


Based in Warwickshire, they also offer a national courier service

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Berry Brothers and Rudd Blog

Excellent blog from one the oldest wine merchants in England, founded in 1698 (the Wine Merchants, not the blog).

A real wine-lovers read, with articles about France, Italy, Australia and pretty much every-other wine producing nation. Wonderful photography and delicous recipes too.

Click the link below to have a read

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